Neighbourhood Plan

The Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

A Steering Group has been formed to oversee the development of The Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan.  At its first meeting in January 2018, local residents Sam Curtis and Rosemary Thew were elected as Chairman and as Vice-Chairman respectively

Meetings of the Steering Group are held in Blakeney, in either the Parish Office or in the Village Hall. They are held in the evening, usually starting at 6:30pm, and are open to members of the public to attend and observe. We do hope you will take the opportunity to come along…

Steering Group Membership

Steering Group Membership                                  
Sam Curtis (Chairman)
Rosemary Thew (Vice-Chairman)

Jane Armstrong
Tracey Bayfield
Margaret Benson
Joanna Dawson
Jenny Girling
Don Glaister
Tom Green
Helen Horabin
John Seymour
Iain Wolfe