Annual Parish Meeting 24th March 2022

The Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is organised by Blakeney Parish Council on behalf of Blakeney Parish but it is not a Blakeney Parish Council meeting. 

*Members of the Public (i.e. those who are not local government electors of Blakeney) are also entitled to attend, but have no right to speak or vote on any matter and such members of the public, will be seated separately/identified as such, from the ‘Electors’ to avoid any possible confusion for the Chairman in the event of a vote, or a request to speak.

Please also note that this is not a meeting of Blakeney Parish Council.
Should a *vote be called 
for upon any item on the agenda then the decision of said vote is not binding upon the Parish Council. It would however be reported back to the Parish Council.

Click here for a draft copy of the 2022 minutes.

Click here for a downloadable copy of the agenda for Thursday 24th March 2022