Blakeney Village

Information on Blakeney Village may found here, including parking, events, community groups and more.

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Blakeney Parish Council

Information on Blakeney Parish Council may be found here, including council members, committees, services, projects and more.

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Be SCAM Aware

Protect yourself and your friends and family against SCAMS

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The Bidynator movements are of particular importance here - for the first time they integrated the automatic winding mechanism on both sides into a wristwatch. The patent was granted in 1942, earlier than any other manufacturer. DuBois et fils CEO Thomas Steinemann got access to the historical movements by chance: The movements were in a well-guarded warehouse, never used and expertly packed and stored more than 50 years ago. For the new clocks, the rhodium-plated or red gold-plated versions of the movements are completely dismantled, cleaned and then reassembled and adjusted using the most modern manufacturing methods.